It’s not flirting — it is called being nice

Open letter to my friend circle:

I’ve been being a bitch in the past, and probably I’ll be still acting like one in the future. Mistreating some friends, even in context of jokes. Some of them didn’t felt that context. I assume we all make mistakes. We all fail, by doing things we don’t necessarily want to do, but sometimes you simply didn’t notice it. Until, of course, someone tell you to hold on your horses.

After some relationship fails, and try everything (i keep singing that Shakira song everytime I write both words) I notice the fact I was investing my feelings and caring the wrong people (person idem). So, realizing that, why don’t fix it? Like, doing the right thing.

I noticed that I was being too cold to very nice people. People that don’t deserve cold treatment. And so I started to be warmer, kind, and caring for them. It’s not like a random treatment, or just because default meaning I’m being nicer to those friends, cousins, and family. It is because I love them, and I was not expressing it right, or making it noticeable. It’s like loving someone, and not only be cold with them. I was even kinda rude sometimes.

So, why don’t just be nicer?

I realized some people feel the change kinda suspicious, and some of them reacted shy. Even nervous. Like ‘what is going on? are you flirting with me?’ or ‘hold on your hormones’. It has nothing to do with my hormones, dude! It is me just being a nice guy. Why the hell is that too hard to understand? I’m not trying to date you, or get laid. I don’t act by hidden intentions. Never.

Just accept the new me, and if I didn’t change for you, It’s because I’m always nice to you.



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